Leslie Ann Boyce is not licensed to practice law

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This so-called lawyer managed to convince my sister-in-law to wire a $7500 retainer for my case or she would refuse to come help me out.

I have to give it to her that she is persuasive but at some point her scams will have to come to an end.

She never showed up.

After a few months of chasing her,

I submitted a complaint with the CA Bar association and the first thing that came up is :

Administrative Actions

9/1/2001 Admin Inactive/MCLE noncompliance

Resulting Status

Not Eligible To Practice Law

I will keep you updated, and please get in touch if she scammed you as well.

Leslie Ann Boyce - *** Artist, being investigated by ABA and California Bar Association

Los Angeles, California 0 comments
Not resolved

Leslie Ann Boyce comes off as a weird but personable character. She is probably legally competent but only thinks in terms of how she can manage to bill the most hours, notably by creating irrelevant issues.

While I very quickly understood she was playing me after receiving a first retainer of $7500, she did not hesitate to start lying (plain and simple) to friends and family, instigating panic and falsely stating I had authorized additional retainers.

Eventually I managed to stop the flow of cash in her direction, about $10,000 for fake work.

At this point Leslie Ann Boyce had previously conned me into signing a useless power of attorney (again by lying about what my bank had reported to her) to get access and receive all my funds by cheque, and I was seriously fearing she would flee the country.

She decided to take a more limited risk and stole another $10,000 without even mentioning it before wiring the funds back.

All of this without a trace of an agreement on any retainer- if you need any further signs of her wrongdoings.

I have hired an attorney to sue her, and report her to the State and Federal Bar Associations.

I will keep you updated of the outcome, and trust she will be disbarred and duly punished for her larcenies.

It is very unsettling to see a licensed attorney (although she may be lying about the whole thing, no one in the industry has ever heard about her) not simply overcharge as they all do, but repeatedly lie and steal large sums of your money.

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